10 Ways to Create Life Long Relationships With Kids

//10 Ways to Create Life Long Relationships With Kids

10 Ways to Create Life Long Relationships With Kids

As a single parent, it make take a bit of planning to make sure you take time to do things that create memories. It is tempting to think that there is only time for work and housekeeping chores. Don’t let opportunities pass you by.

1. Go to the library You can check out more that books now. There are movies, music and even activities you can attend.

2. Search the Internet There is a lot of information on the ‘net. Go to Google.com or Wikipedia.com to start.

3. Your Childhood What did you like to do? You did it because it was fun. Introduce those activities to your child.

4. List Possibilities Make a list of things you want your child to do/be/have before he or she grows up. If you have it written down, it’s more likely to happen.

5. Ask Your Child Add what your child would like to do/be/have to the list. He or she may have some great input. And why not do it?

6. Local Paper

I found the weekend guide to be a great resource for free or low cost things to do. I loved looking through all the things that could be done and picking something out.

7. Invite Others You could have your child bring a friend. You could invite your friends. The more the merrier I always say.

8. Group Activities If your child is interested in sports or scouts, for example, you could join in as a volunteer or leader.

9. Volunteer Pick out an opportunity for you and your child to help others. Non-profit organizations are always looking for help.

10. Get Involved There are lots of places in your community where you can meet people. Try a church/temple/synagogue, or your child’s school. You can also look into clubs like the Elks or exchange club.


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