How To Market A Non Profit

//How To Market A Non Profit

How To Market A Non Profit

Non profit work is some of the most gratifying work you can involve themselves in. Every year I help my Mother’s non profit with their events and their marketing. I love donating my time to them so that I can see the work manifest into meaningful change. I’ll give you an example. The last fundraiser I worked I helped by generating buzz for the event, helped check people in at the reception desk, and then handed out prizes to kids. This particular non profit helps deaf children get cochlear implants as early as possible in their life, which ends up improving their lives vastly and is backed by countless statistics. I was handing out what I learned later was about a $70k prize package to a family who couldn’t afford to give their deaf child implants or the rehab and learning that helps during the adjustment period after.

Tears streamed down their thankful faces and I officially found a cause.

Do you know how they found said non profit?

Internet marketing? No

Social media? No

Local Chamber of Commerce? No

They saw a little Screen Cleaner on the back of a phone in the shape of a little cochlear implant. That screen cleaner was on the back of the phone of the President of the Board for the non profit. The president admitted them into the program after a short conversation.

What is a Sticky Screen Cleaner? It’s a small square of microfiber that sticks to the back of phones. You can peel it off, clean your screen with the cloth side, and adhere it back to the other side of your phone. The cloth side has a logo or message on it and absolutely everyone who sees it can’t help but inquire about what it is.

That brings us to the point. The thing that’s tricky about non profits are their budgets and their need to spread the word about what they do. That’s a difficult challenge to overcome. The absolute best way I’ve seen a non profit spread its message is through events in conjunction with Screen Cleaner Stickers. The screen cleaners are not that expensive as a bulk handout and many promo companies honor non profit pricing. When non profits hand them out to everyone they know at the event, word spreads like wildfire.

A note, this works best with non profits that are local, meaning they aren’t interested in trying to attract widespread attention across the US.

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