Successful Fundraisers for Non Profit Organizations

//Successful Fundraisers for Non Profit Organizations

Successful Fundraisers for Non Profit Organizations

Like you, I have relocated my life into my computer and put it all online. The social life, personal banking, shopping, researching, yellow pages, ticket purchasing, value comparison, dating, nearly all interaction and even grocery shopping is currently accomplished over the internet. And the only practices that I can think of that I do not accomplish online are pumping gas and participation in fundraisers. I am about to dispel a little bit of information that is going to blow your mind, and the fact that what is about to be exposed is even a news bulletin at all is extra baffling.

Do you know what’s missing from my avatar life and yours? A successful fundraiser for non-profit organizations completely conducted online!

I know you cannot believe it! but, yes… our kids, schools, churches, and other non-profit organizations are still mucking it door-to-door, selling to family and using hard-to-read cardboard car wash signs to get a buck.

Until a couple of weeks ago (when the revelation I am passing to you was laid at my feet) it had not even crossed my mind to move this age-old tradition out of the neighborhoods and into the wireless realm. I am just bowled over that my daughters’ school, our family’s place of worship and the non-profits that I support have not transferred their fundraising labors online. Especially given that there is continually a hassle of paperwork, merchandise, students, money and a sufficient amount complaints and headaches to go around for all involved, you would have thought someone would have sat down a long time ago and decided to deal with the fundraising issue first!

Traditional fundraisers are an inconvenience. Though, my spouse will argue that door-to-door promotion is the preeminent school of hard knocks for little kindergartners to sharpen their cold-calling skills; I would say having elementary school knocking on strangers doors is much the thing of the past.

Nevertheless, you catch my drift. Non-profit organizations need to move their successful money-maker fundraisers out into the great unknown.

And so you now ponder… who or what fundraising giants sell online?

Virtually none really. Shocking, I know.

One would have supposed online fundraising would have caught on ten years ago, but it appears that the age-old fundraisers are still, well age-old. And, they are still advertising candy – which, by the way, is bad for your teeth and your rump.

So, drum roll… Enter FITNESS as a fundraiser! What about a fundraiser selling home fitness programs and nutritional supplements (online) with a hefty commission to boot.

Now enter a company that spends MILLIONS of marketing dollars every year, has products getting to sold the hilt and has the #1 home-fitness DVD collection in the world!

Add a complimentary sign-up for Non-Profit Organizations!

Deduct handling orders, product and money!

Equals weekly commission checks and bonuses!

Effortless. Safe. Successful. Fun.

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